+39 327 73 39 841
Via Einaudi, 318
62012 Civitanova Marche
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Our history


“Italian upcycled furniture”
by Nello Russo

Why we chose upcycled furniture – The seed of our love for the upcycling philosophy was planted a while ago. What was originally just a passion of ours has become over the years an exciting and satisfying job.

The UP team creates handmade furniture and furnishing accessories just by using old materials and items. All our creations are crafted in our headquarters which is divided into a showroom and a creative workshop, both recently moved in the commercial area of Civitanova Marche.

We offer our clients the opportunity to customise their furniture so that every product created in our workshop is a unique piece.

It is our mission to support along the restyling path everyone who wants to give a new look to his business premises.

We have already implemented several projects so far, mostly in the foodservice industry.

We are strongly convinced that…

Everything deserves a second chance!

On November 18th 2018, we inaugurated our new showroom in Civitanova Marche, 318 Einaudi street.

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